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Mr. Dudeguypants (me) is reviewing stuff on Amazon.


Wait, that didn't come out like I meant. Check it: Amazon (yup, that Amazon) invited me to their Vine program, where I can order 3 items per day, with a maximum value of 100 bucks each, for free. Fun!

You don't need more stuff so only buy it if you love it.
Hope you love it.

Other Videos

If you're one of the almost 87(!) people to visit this site, you know I'm not jsut some review-stuff-one-trick-pony-guy. I also love making other videos. You can find them here in the "Other Videos" section.

Remember Covid-19? Remember lockdown? Everybody dealt with it. I made videos. 100 of them. I did a video every day for the first hundred days of quarantine, and some of em came out pretty great. Also I didn't start until the 3rd day of lockdown. For best results, you should probably go watch all of them. Nowish.

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