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And now it's February 16th.

Updated: Feb 18

Why does everything take so long? I've been writing & creating content, just not publishing it on here. I publish it all on Amazon in the reviews. Read all about it on the Reviews page. I guess I've kind of indulged in the review game a bit. I don't need to make a video for every product. But I'm trying to see what I can do with this.

Who knows? Maybe a content creator gig for Amazon, maybe a warehouse full of stuff I sell at my weekly flea market in 20 years. Or maybe they just shut it down. Or me down. But they'll probably see all the content & want to give us considerable sums of money.

THE RULES: We're at the silver tier where we get to order up to 3 things per day, maximum of $100 per item. We have to review at least 60%. But if we review at least 80 items & at least 90% of them, we're eligible for ... Amazon Vine Gold Tier! Gold offers more items & more expensive products. Judgement day approaches. March 19, 2024. So far, we've reviewed 92% of 252 items. So we're looking good.

I still haven't started a podcast. That's all I got. I so haven't done stuff, I forgot what I wanted to get done.

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Reading this makes me feel kinda silly. Sometimes I forget I'm a 45 year old dude who's still trying to figure out where to start. I remind myself I had a career in LA for 15 years. Returning to Rochester right before covid changed a lot of plans. I was lined up to teach writing at Syracuse University.

But then we got jobs as contact tracers. Then that ended in 2022 & since then I've just set it on coast. But now I have to find a real job again. I can't work at the restaurant because wicked golf/ tennis elbow came out of nowhere in both arms about 3 weeks ago. The pain took me out completely. Usually I…

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