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Meanwhile, a Few Weeks Later,

Feels like that a bit. Right? I was just here, indulging in using free stuff to create original content.

But stuff got all lifed up for a sec. I went to San Antonio, Texas to see my nephew graduate from Air Force Basic Training. As my Marine buddies say, "That's a good company." I told him I'd buy him his first tattoo of a chair.

I also took a lifetime friend to voluntary inpatient after he suffered severe mania while switching to new meds per his doctor. We visited him every day for about a week. He's fine now. But he wasn't. It happens. It's like breaking a bone. Sometimes you break your brain bone.

Then we had some family in town. Really fun family. So we hung out with them way too much, & they just went back to Boston. Meanwhile: A Few Weeks Later-- you know the rest.

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