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The Adventures of Doom!

Ryan & Greg are finally getting back into D&D, so I'm podcasting it. Why not right? It's fun cause Greg's a moron & Ryan's super smart. With swords.

Penelope Isabella O'Lagerlush, Maid of the Mead, a beautiful DwarfElven maiden, suffered a Hag's curse that transformed her into a fat bald middle-aged loser. Together, she & her companion search the land for revenge, treasure, & blood-soaked glory across the realm of Eberron.

We play every Tuesday @7pm, and as soon as I can figure out live streaming via Discord or YouTube, I'll stream us live. Like, do I even need OBS anymore? Until then, I'll upload the journeys at a later time.

Sometimes when you mean to say 'cute overload' you accidentally say 'cute overlord,' which is probably this guy.
Cute Overlord

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