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This is Why I Don't Social Media

Updated: Mar 4

I just wanted to add a helpful response...

I didn't mean to click the link. I don't even know where the link came from.

The OP (OP = Original Post) just wanted to vent frustrations regarding some less-professional reviews. Totally harmless. It lightly brushed on the platform's oft-discussed scorched-earth approach to flagged content.

I could've closed the tab.

Never scroll down.

The trap door gave way.

I cannonballed into reply quicksand. A little later I realized I wrote this:

Don’t worry about anyone else. Do your best & be grateful you’re not them. Invest that energy somewhere else - like - idk, cause [major corporation] gives you free stuff in exchange for your thoughts & opinions??? I’ve worked in the real world. Irl, no gives a crap what you think.

Pay attention. Someone somewhere thinks you're awesome.

On the tangent of unspecified deletions: 

A good review doesn’t hinge on a product’s performance. It communicates a mutual understanding of a good and the need it aims to fulfill. Like coaching someone how to put a puzzle together. Maybe.

I back up my favorite written reviews to the cloud before I submit them now. [Major Corporation's] current review policy removes entire reviews with zero explanation & tells you to go read the guidelines. And don't pretend we can just rewrite it because we all know how sequels go. 

Including assembly, preparation, application, storage & comical amounts of packaging, we invest considerable energy in our reviews before we even get to the writing part, sometimes. Then you spend way too long churning out this product’s inspired true origin story. You sleep sound that night, heart full of accomplishment & gratitude for the opportunity to ethically facilitate commerce on a global level. Outstanding work, citizen.

One day the review disappears without a trace. While dredging a sludge of [major corporation] notification emails, you find one, a form email equating your review to Swing & a miss. Who knows, maybe my review unintentionally promoted a known IP. Maybe I referenced a pop icon who's since gotten cancelled. Maybe I typed the word 'six' too close to the number 9. No one will ever know.


Editing off the original flagged content expedites opportunities to more specifically address standards & expectations without manufacturing volumes of guidelines & explanations. 

It kind of feels like gambling. I didn't write this in a "little." I probably spent almost 2 hours on this link. Always just a little bit more. I probably spent another 2 on posting this. I don't like doing that.

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