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Amazon Vine Reviews

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This is easily one of the coolest things

that's ever happened to me. Outta nowhere,

I get an email from Amazon, inviting me to join Vine.

So I'm like "What's Vine?"


Check this out: According to Amazon, a lot of people

read my Amazon reviews. People find me helpful! So in the

Vine program, I can order from a limited selection of free items

from Amazon in exchange for honest reviews. 


So basically, Amazon was all "This one knows how to count. Let's give him free sh*&it." 


Like, I don't even have to pay shipping.  

This is the best recognition I've ever gotten for my writing. I feel like a kid on one of those old toy store shopping sprees.  (A long time ago they had these things called shopping sprees a kid could win and run around a toy store and grab as much stuff as they can within a certain amount of time or money.)


I always wanted to win a shopping spree. You guys! Awesome!

I'm still learning the rules, like I can't post my reviews to other websites I think. And I don't think I can monetize the reviews via affiliate blah blah we're cool. 

You can only see my reviews on my Amazon Profile page for now, but I'm trying to figure out how to get them here. I don't get paid for the reviews, so these are honest. Some may contain humorous content. Be warned. 

Couch Arm Table
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