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Hi. Good news: I’ve reached the point where so many people have asked me to make more videos that I have to make more videos. But I don’t think I can make them with any consistency unless I do one every. Single. Day. So I’m gonna do that. Maybe not like every day in perpetuity, but like I can go for streaks - like 50 in a row? 100 was a lot. But I can do it. Iff…..

I need your help. I’m awesome & did great in Hollywood, but I never achieved any sort of financial success. In any sense of the word. 

Amazon doesn’t pay me for reviewing stuff, so any money there comes from selling stuff 6 months after we order it. We’re trying to make that work, but again - I suck at money. I have a lot of fun writing reviews. I’m surprised what Amazon lets me get away with. I’m not gross or mean or anything. But I’m definitely me. Writing reviews is fun. Storage, cardboard, packing materials, tax liability, convincing people to give me money in exchange for goods-- not my strong suits. 

I don’t suck at writing & making fun videos that make people a little bit better. Like, I can do this. I’m sick of not reaching my potential because of mundane hurdles like “reality” or “me.”

So I’m asking for support. “Wait a minute, you walked away from your tv writing career at 40 & you want us to flit the bill?!” Sort of. It wasn’t much of a career. I was the lowest paid writer ever, making upwards of $15/hr. And at that time, that was like Friends Script Coordinator money. Oh & I didn’t get paid for my writing. 

My videos far exceed efficient application of my brain than writing tv & I dodged a lot of bullets to get to where I am. Where I’m supposed to be. If you’d like me to create more videos, please show me. I need to get this stuff out of my head, & you need to smile. 

Maybe if we’re all lucky I can someday share how I went from writing on the Ted Lasso pilot to begging friends & acquaintances to give me money in return for my goofball videos, all in the short time span of a pandemic. 

I haven’t figured out a format for the whole money exchange for videos thing. So for now I’m just gonna put em out there & offer a tip jar I guess? 

But it’s not even about the money. I need you to keep me on task. Seriously. If you have my phone number, please text me & tell me to make a video today!

I’m gonna make videos anyway, so you don’t have to send me money-- but you’d be a lot cooler if you did. After a few months, I’ll compare & see which content platform makes me more money: My Youtube or my Onlyfans.  

Thank you!

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