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Isn't everyone ADHD?

Updated: Jun 24

Here's me:

Wow, really? I thought everyone was like this. I don't really believe a lot of adhd stuff. So when I saw this this I was like "Dude! This dude knows me REALLY well!"

Maybe we met at a pub & drank Guinness all night & listened to The Pogues & took turns sharing karaoke standbys & tales of adventure, often being one & the same. Go figure.

Maybe once upon a time we faceplanted into great mysteries, like singular-existence theory, cats that swim & the infield-fly rule.

Drunkenly over-sharing the agonies & ecstasies, the best & worst our minds have to offer, triumphs & downfalls, & again the infield-fly rule.

That hazy night in what I've presumed must've been Canada, may have very well happened! It's definitely something I've done/ do.

But there's no way either of us would remember all that.

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